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Latest Trends in Baby Photography

Have you recently had a baby? Are you looking for a professional photographer to capture your baby’s first smile? Baby photography has been around for quite some time now. However, trends are always changing. Nowadays, people do not wait for their babies to be able to pose for the camera. The new trend is to capture the baby’s journey right from its birth. The professional baby photographers do not capture only the natural moments. The use of newborn photography props is done to carry out a theme-based photography which is unique and a lifelong treasure.

Ideas for baby photography

There are some adorable newborn baby props available online to dress up your baby in whichever way you like. Bodysuits, costumes, headbands, shoes, hats, accessories, angel wings, halos, etc. are used for photography nowadays. Crochet costumes are cosy, colourful and many costumes can be made using this style. The baby can be made to look like a dinosaur, butterfly, owl, penguin, frog or any other animal with the help of these costumes. T-shirts with funny slogans can be used to capture cute moments. Plush shoes and big-sized headbands can also serve as newborn photography props. Tulu skirts, printed jumpsuits, swimwear, rompers, bonnets, princess frocks and tiaras, fabric wraps can serve as costumes. Faux fur and wooden branches nest, cocoons, hammocks, buckets and flower pots can serve as very unconventional items for placing the babies.

The newborn babies are usually asleep and look very adorable when they are made to either lie in a curling position in such props or are made to pose with their head resting on their hands (froggy position) while sleeping.

The best ways to photograph a newborn baby

Professional photographers with years of experience suggest that baby photography should not look artificial because of overuse of photo props. The baby should be the centre of focus and the props should just add to the look without cluttering the photo. Also, the baby’s natural personality should get reflected in the photos. For this, the baby should be allowed to do whatever it feels like. The newborn babies can be left in their natural sleeping positions – either on their back or on their stomach. Parents should also pose with their babies to create memories of a lifetime which you can go back to years later. You also need to be careful about the baby’s safety especially in the froggy position mentioned earlier or in the position where the baby is placed in a sack hanging from a tree or the potato sack position where the baby is kept in a sitting position with a sack wrapped around it. Such poses can be achieved without the baby actually posing for it. This is done with the help of photoshop. Methods like composites or cloning are used to stitch different parts together to create a complete photo without actually moving the baby.